With Appmosfer, it's the right time to have a special mobile app for you!

You don't need to spend effort on dozens of different platforms to reach your customers and stay in touch with your users! Identify the needs of your customers and your business in minutes, add the appropriate features, and start using your app on both Android and iOS, without the need for coding information

Move Your Business to Mobile

Build applications using our modular infrastructure.
Save time and money as you excel in competition by making a perfect application and use all your energy efficiently in one platform.

With Appmosfer, it's easy to have a mobile app!


Allows you to have a custom application with just a few clicks.


You create your dream application without the need for code knowledge.


It provides all the solutions you are looking for by adding special modules.


Modern and practical templates that will best reflect you.


You only pay for the package you choose according to your needs.

mobile application design and publishing Cross-Platform - Appmosfer


Work seamlessly and fully compatible for all platforms.

Mobile application design and publishing with admin panel - Appmosfer

Admin Panel

A highly efficient administration panel that allows you to manage your application easily and quickly.

Mobile application design and publishing with cloud hosting - Appmosfer

Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based hosting services for high-performance applications and fast work.

Dozens of features to create the most effective mobile app for your business

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When you have a mobile app;

Reinforce the strength of your brand with mobile application design - Appmosfer With mobile application design, you have a direct connection to your customer interaction - Appmosfer direct mobile marketing with mobile app design - Appmosfer
  • Increases your brand's strength
  • Increases your visibility
  • Make it easy to reach
  • Increase your online income
  • You will always be able to stay in touch with the user during the use of mobile devices
  • Maintains contact with your customer on the move
  • Maintains contact with your regular customers
  • You have a direct and tailored marketing channel
  • You have a directly linked channel in customer interaction


  • Statistics show that the time spent on the mobile device in the last year has increased by about 7 minutes and reached an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes per person
  • 80% of the time spent on mobile devices is mobile applications
  • Mobile application provides user experience if websites are not responsive
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Android & ios Mobile App

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to all the questions you might have in mind when creating or using your app.

Do I need to download programs to make mobile applications?
No. You do not need to download the app to make and publish the mobile apps you want via the Appmosfer website.
Can I make my free mobile application?
Yes. Appmosfer offers you a 14-day trial period. If you are satisfied, you can continue to improve your application by selecting the desired package.
How many mobile application can I develop in a subscription?
The number of mobile applications you will develop in an account varies depending on the package you select.
Can I advertise with the mobile application I developed on the platform? Can I make money?
Yes. You can earn money by installing AdMob ad system on the mobile applications you have developed. Making money in this system is possible with the download rate of the application you make or the user clicks on the ad.
Can I add a different ad to my mobile application than Google Admob?
No, only AdMob ads are supported in our system at this time. We work for new advertising systems.
What type of mobile application will I publish?
Applications made via AppMosfer platform are published as Hybrid.
On which devices does our mobile application work?
The apps you make through the Appmosfer app creation site are compatible with IOS and Android.
Do I need to know any software language to develop mobile applications through the platform?
No. Mobile applications that you make through Appmosfer can be easily developed with drag and drop logic. Technically you do not need to have knowledge of Col. But Knowledge Always Wins ...
Do I need to have a developer account to publish my mobile application?
No. You can publish your mobile application under the Appmosfer company.
Can I test my mobile application?
Of course, you can try and publish your mobile application on the trial platform of our site without the need of any program.
Can I make e-commerce transactions through my application?
Yeah. You can develop and edit your e-commerce application with various modules on Appmosfer.
How long does the mobile application release take?
Your mobile app will run on Google Play in no more than 1-2 days and on AppStore in no more than 1 week.
Is updating the mobile application in a paid way?
No, you don't need to pay anything other than the packages you receive when updating the app. Only a special design can be requested, plus a payment.
Can an update be made after the mobile application is released?
Of course, you can change the content as you like after your mobile app is published in the app markets.
Can I request a mobile application from you?
Yes, if you want, we can design your application for you. Pricing is made according to its content and characteristics.
Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes, if you would like to cancel your mobile app subscription, you can send an email to admin@appmosfer.com.tr. Mail will be returned to you after. The mobile application in your account will continue to work until the end of the current billing period.
What happens after I finish my package?
You will first receive a notification that your application has expired, and then your application will be reactivated according to your package renewal status.